The Project

The Pedro Olivares’ Bio-wine project was born out of the passion and continuous effort of a relentless oenologist, always in pursuit of new challenges. His philosophy and values are based on a specific technique to make good wines, understanding the concept of “multi-dynamic” as a step beyond the biodynamic culture. Pedro Olivares’ strategies and philosophies are recreations without freedom, that is in order to achieve life and energy, and bring together with knowledge to the table. The wine is made in the field, but is controlled and magnified in the cellar.

There are thousands of methods, some are more traditional and others are more technological, but each one of them have a particular purpose, aiming to a particular market. Carry out a synergistic cultivation with the area, interpret its possibilities and share them with the rest. It is the vintage that marks the work, the reflection, the irony, even the brand and the series to which it belongs … «In the field, intelligence and wisdom, in the cellar, analysis and interpretation».


All our wines are certified organic by the European Union. They are also suitable for consumption by vegans.

Eclo | Pedro Olivares Bio Wine

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2016 Vintage. Varieties Monastrell, Syrah, Nebbiolo, Petit verdot, Jaén Negro. High density vineyards, 11.200 plants /ha. Yield 250.