The vineyards

Where do I stop

Of the various projects underway, it must be specified. On one hand enTreDicho, in the Sierra de Segura in Jaén. It is tried to make northern wines in southern latitudes. A small winery located in La Puerta de Segura in Jaén is the place to put into practice new elaborations, study new varieties, microvinifications and a small chateau philosophy plot are what combine all this pile of illusions.

It remains to arm yourself with knowledge and create new sensations from vineyards and infinite soils scattered through valleys, mountains, plateaus, even on the sand by the sea.

Any area and region can be honored with a good preparation.



There are thousands of methods, some are more traditional and others are more technological, but each one of them have a particular purpose, aiming to a particular market.

In my case the concept is clear, to cultivate the ground in a synergistic manner, interpreting its possibilities and share them with the others, crafting with the utmost respect and understanding that the wines obtained will be a true reflection of their origin.

Although the idea is to take everything beyond. It is the aging process that shows the work, the reflection, the irony, including the brand and series to which it belongs.

Working with intelligence and wisdom on the fields, and analysis and interpretation in the cellars. All added to a multicultural experience, based on the shared journeys with half of the wine professionals around the world.

The Winery

The Creation

It is not a typical winery, it is a small space but enough to make wines that break with the landmarks and legends of a land where only oil seems to reign.

The inspiration


In the heart of the Sierra de Segura, in the village of Los Llanos de Arriba, this place has been created and guarded by two great characters: Tina and Pedro. They are the ones who take care of this great treasure every day that, as a result of knowledge and effort, rests and reaches its personality point, down in the cellar.