Every project has an origin, and every winery too. Discover the creation of VBPO, its vision and sentiment.

how it started

A winemaker, Pedro Olivares, passionate about biodynamic crops, decides to embark on the creation of a project that would represent what it truly means to drink from nature.

the dream

create from nothing

Bio Pedro Olivares Wines arises from a feeling of creativity towards winemaking. It is intended to represent the work of nature guided by man, wines made in the vineyard and magnified in the cellar. VBPO creates exclusive collections, sometimes unique in the world.



multiple zones

VBPO projects involve different areas of Spain, including Valencia and Jaén. Find out more about these areas on our interactive map.

No product in the world feels more attached to pleasure than with wine.

Pedro Olivares - El Mundo Newspaper

our history



Creation of enTreDicho, a vineyard never before developed in Spain. Biodynamic cultivation at an altitude of 850 meters.


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